00 33 2 98 39 62 25
Fax (by appointment) :
00 33 9 50 04 32 70
Contact Headquarters : 5 Hent Meneyer, 29 950 Gouesnac'h, France.
Postal address : 2 impasse de Kervégant, 29 350 Moëlan sur mer, France.

Practical Guide

Getting around the island

Even if the island is not that large, with a surface area of only 21km², it has a lot of steep hills so it is essential to have a vehicle to get around in order to explore and go walking. As well as local rental companies, all the major car hire companies are represented at the airport at Saint-Jean and in Gustavia. There is a good choice, but 4x4 vehicles, jeeps and Japanese vehicles especially are on offer. More luxurious vehicles are of course available, as are electric cars, but also small cars such as Minis, Smart cars and Mini-Moke. But for high season dates, it is strongly advised to reserve your vehicle well in advance, if possible.

electric car
photo by Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock.com

You can also hire two wheels, motorbikes or scooters. For those who are experienced, there are 5 companies offering scooters, ATVs and quad bikes. Driving on the island is the same as driving in France in terms of the code of conduct, but because the roads on St Barts are quite narrow, and the volume of traffic fairly high, it is best to go cautiously. There are two taxi stations on the island, one in Gustavia on the quayside and the other at the airport, with around 35 taxis at your service. It should be noted that there is no public transport on St Barts. One way to discover the island which may be of interest is a guided tour by quad or by taxi, costing a fixed rate for the day.

The roads are few and narrow, and for this reason the speed limit is 45km per hour. Courtesy and prudence are required, not least when locals pause to pass the time of day with an oncoming vehicle! Fuel is not expensive but there are only two filling stations on the island, at Lorient and St Jean, which close at 5pm and all day on Sunday, although you can pay by bank card outside of these hours. Hitchhiking is common on the island – be kind!

The postal service

First and foremost, it works! As efficiently as in mainland France, in fact, except that delivery takes longer… You will find the main post office in Gustavia, open every day except Sunday from 7:30am to 11:30am.

You will also find a secondary post office at Lorient.

Private courier services – UPS, Federal Express and DHL – also have offices and operate on the island.

The telephone

To call a number on St Barts, it is necessary to dial 10 digits, whether you are calling from abroad or once on the island.
All landline numbers on the island start with 0590 (+ 6 digits), the same as for Guadeloupe.

All mobile numbers on the island start with 0690 (+ 6 digits).

To call an overseas number, it is necessary to dial an international dialling prefix first, which is 00 followed by the appropriate country code (for example 001 for the USA, 0044 for the United Kingdom).

To call St Barths from abroad, you must dial 00 590 590 + 6 digits for a landline number, or 00 590 690 + 6 digits to a mobile number.

Prepaid telephone cards can be purchased on the island, which you can use to make calls from the landline at your villa, at a preferential rate.


The electric supply is 220 volts and 60Hz, so 50Hz appliances from Europe may not work.
For American devices which only run on 110 volts, it is necessary to have a voltage converter, as well as an adapter to fit French sockets.

Health services

Saint-Barthélemy has a hospital offering first aid, as well as a dialysis unit located at the clinic. The island can call upon about ten doctors, dentists and some specialists, and it is also endowed with a medical analysis laboratory and a radiology centre. If emergency treatment is required, a medical helicopter will take the patient to neighbouring St Martin’s, or in less than one hour to hospital in Guadeloupe.