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Restaurants and gastronomy

Withan international reputation for gastronomy, the island of Saint-Barthélemy has over 70 restaurants specialising in different types of cuisine, which range from French gastronomy – including several Michelin starred establishments – to, of course, the opportunity to discover Cajun and Creole cooking, as well as a plethora of trendy eateries serving fusion food and the like.

Tourist Board of Saint Barthélemy

There are still a few low-key places, usually run by ‘native’ residents of St Barts, but mostly restaurants are run by high-flyers from mainland France.

Each restaurant offers a different ambiance, so you can choose a setting to suit the mood of the evening. You will certainly have plenty of choice: high class restaurants, excellent hotel restaurants, but also beach restaurants or places with a real party atmosphere. A good number of them offer Italian food, Japanese or generic Asian cuisine, and of course American style cuisine. A large number of the best restaurants in the Caribbean can be found on St Barts, and this is reflected in the prices.

restaurant de Saint Barth
photo © Xavier Merchet-Thau

Not to be missed if you are visiting in November, prestigious chefs are invited to take part in the ‘Taste of St Barth Gourmet Festival’ which celebrates French gastronomy. Taking inspiration from its dual legacy, this tiny corner of France in the tropics is seeing an evolution of French haute cuisine as it absorbs the flavours of the Caribbean, and other influences from around the world.

Tourist Board of Saint Barthélemy

Before sitting down to a meal in one of the island’s excellent hotel restaurants, why not combine with a half-day or a few hours of relaxation in a spa and wellbeing centre? About ten hotels spread across the island offer spa facilities.


Tourist Board of Saint Barthélemy


The evening begins with an apéritif or a cocktail at sundown in a smart establishment, or alternatively in a Caribbean bistro, maybe overlooking the yachts at anchor in Gustavia port.

And, after savouring a delectable meal in one of the island’s top restaurants, you can choose an elegant wine bar or somewhere more traditional according to your fancy. Later, go on to a nightclub or discotheque where St Barts’ resident jet set gather to party through the night... as you join in with these often novel festivities, you may rub shoulders with international stars, who enjoy the discretion of the island, or with New York models and other ‘beautiful people’ who love coming to St Barts to relax and have fun as well as to work. Perhaps you could even be invited to a private soirée in a fabulous villa...