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Shell Beach (Anse de Grand Galets)

Situated only 5 minutes from the centre of Gustavia, this beach derives its name from the thousands of shells which cover it. An outstanding place to start a collection, and you can even find some quite rare specimens. There is a restaurant nearby, with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, and service on the beach itself. Or you can dine whilst admiring the sunset across the water, beyond the luxury boats at anchor in the bay. The most daring swimmers go as far as the cliffs to perform dives of between 5 and 15 metres’ height. It’s a lovely beach for swimming, sheltered from the wind.

Shell Beach
photo by Photostravellers / Shutterstock.com

Shell Beach
photo by Thierry Dehove / Shutterstock.com

Shell Beach
photo by Ispas Vlad / Shutterstock.com


                     Shell Beach
                                    photo © Laurent Benoit

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